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Rane Made Favorites

We all know I love hand made clothing... It probably goes with out saying that I love to wear my own clothes and other hand made brands. I wanted to take a little space on my site to share some of my other hand crafted favorites! This is NOT a sponsored page!! I just love these products and wanted to share! Find some jewelry makers, leather goods, and shoes I wear on a daily basis.. Take a look at their info, links, and why I love them below! 

xx- Rane 

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Fernweh Designs

My girl, Leslie, has some of the most unique jewelry out there! Each of her products (like Rane Made) are hand crafted by her! She uses hand picked, natural stones and distressed brass metal, all of great quality! Most of my wild earrings are from her as well!!

Insta: @fernweh.designs

Shop her fabulous one-of-a-kind piece at Fernwehdesigns.com!

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Margaret Vera

These leather goodies are all designed by Meg, herself! These hand crafted totes, wallets, and more are made from reclaimed leather. My bag is the grace tote and has started to wear in so well! Her products are timeless and made to last.

Insta: @shopmargaretvera

Shop her amazing leather goods at https://margaretvera.com/collections/all!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Avarcas sandals.. I have had many ladies ask about them! These incredibly comfy slip ons are hand made on the island of Minorca, Spain. They use all natural leather and recycled tires to make them. These sandals were first designed and made over a century ago for farmers. They needed shoes that would keep their feet "dry, comfortable, and protected" while they were working! Even now the shoe and its comfort still carries on!

Insta: @avarcasusa

Shop their shoes at avarcasusa.com!

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Lotta From Stockholm

#lovemylottas These great little clogs are hand made in Stockholm, Sweden and stocked in London! I bought my first pair on a whim and am in love. They are comfortable and the leather is soft! The more you wear them in, the better they get!! I can't wait to order another pair.

Insta: @lottafromstockholm

Shop these amazing clogs online at Lottafromstockholm.com!

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K.Scott Jewelry

K.Scott Jewelry is my go-to when I'm feeling funky! Each one of her pieces is 100% one-of-a-kind. She makes necklaces, earrings, and wild bracelets using tons of color, great stones, beads, and unique materials! Follow her instagram below to see her new goodies!

Insta: @k.scottjewelry

Shop her fabulous products online at kscottjewelry.com!


Astatula Candles

I am in love with my friend Angela's candles! They are free of Wax additives, Lead, and Phthalates and made of 100% Soy, cotton wicks and essential oils. Her scents are original, eclectic, and smell amazing! Astatula comes from a small town in central florida and means something to her with the connection it has to her family.

Insta: @astatula

Website: Astatulacandleco.com

"Astatula candles are designed to provide a warm glow and a beautiful aroma to fill any room. From my heart, hands and my space to yours, with love."

- Angela